$ 129.99

New from Jugs, the NEW Jugs T is the best tee on the market!  

    • Longest guarantee and lowest price for a pro-style tee.
    • Will not tip over. No extra weight needed. 
    • Large 14" x 11", 1/4"-thick steel base adds stability. Tee weight: 10 lbs.
    • Rubber covered base with rounded edges won’t scuff gym floor. 
    • Quick adjustment range of 24” to 46” allows hitters to work on their swing mechanics throughout the strike zone. 
    • Always-feel-the-ball™ flexible top. Feel the ball on contact, not the tee.
    • Unlike similar designed tees, our patented internal interlocking bolt design prevents slippage of the upper tee stem.
    • Telescoping stem unscrews from base.
    • Base with patented grip-n-go™ handle makes for easy transport and will fit into most travel bags.
    • Great for high- and low-tee drills.
    • Patent Pending
    • 1-Year Guarantee

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