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The 2BBGXX are BLEMs of Baden's 2BBG ball which allows players to get used to the feel and play of the ball at a more affordable price for baseball programs.  These balls allow teams to get a high performance baseball at a fraction of the cost due to slight imperfections in the cover of the baseball.  The non-BLEM version of the 2BBG retails for $50/dozen!

See why so many teams and leagues are using these balls in games and practice!!!


  • Made of A-grade leather, the Official League makes transitioning from practice to game easy.
  • Performance raised seams. 
  • Proprietary winding technology creates a more durable, high compression core for the best performance.  
  • Premium blend windings. 
  • Recommended for college practice play. 
  • Sold in dozens. 
  • BLEM balls with slight imperfections in the cover.

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