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Got balls?  If you have ever purchased baseballs, you know that finding good baseballs at a reasonable price is hard to come by.  If you buy cheap balls, they don't last very long and they do not behave like the ones used in games.  For baseballs, the difference really is what's inside.

More inexpensive balls cost less because they have rubber or cork centers which do not last with regular use.

Compare that to higher quality balls which have centers comprised of a cushioned cork center wrapped tightly with layers of wool like the OLA-BLEMs.

What are BLEMS?  BLEMS are high quality baseballs that have minor blemishes in their appearance (discoloration, wrinkles, scratches), so they cannot be sold at their regular price.  These balls regularly sell for $50 a dozen plus shipping and are perfect for practice!!!

PRONINE is a company founded by the original owner of Diamond Baseballs which produces high quality baseballs at a reasonable price.  Grab some today before they're gone!

We have secured a limited amount of PRONINE OLA-BLEMS and they are available for PICKUP or DELIVERY ONLY. LOCAL ORDERS ONLY.

  • Blem Baseball Stamped OLA-BLEM
  • Full Grain Leather Cover
  • Great Practice Baseball
  • Outstanding Durability and Liveliness
  • Wool Windings
  • Cushion Cork Center
  • Blemishes include Discoloration, Scratches and or wrinkles in cover.
  • Does not affect durability or liveliness
  • All Sales Final, No Returns

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