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What's Included:

  • Pro Tech ABS Form to protect shape and prevent flattening
  • Neobreathe Moisture Wick Compression Case to absorb sweat
  • Glove Glaze Premium Glove Conditioner to protect leather
  • Rough Rag for cleaning and conditioning                       


Catcher's might have the toughest job on the field. Call the right pitch, block the curve ball in the dirt, pop the runner trying to steal second... Your glove needs to be perfect all the time and the Deuce makes that easy.

Thousands of players, including hundreds of pro and college players, use our patented products and they never worry about their glove getting crushed, or flattened and floppy.  They can pack it in the gear bag and throw it in the trunk, or under the plane, and it always comes out perfect when they get where they're going.  A consistent glove leads to consistent feel, and that leads to better defense. 


Glove NOT included

For youth and adult Catcher's Mitts.

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