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What's Included:

  • Pro-Tech ABS™ Form to protect shape and prevent flattening
  • Neobreathe™ Moisture Wick Compression Case to mold glove around Form
  • Glove Glaze™ Premium Glove Conditioner to protect leather
  • Rough Rag™ for Cleaning and Conditioning glove
  • Removable Handle Wrap for embroidering name/number

When your pitcher hammers the pick-off throw into the dirt three feet in front of you, the firm backing and wide funneled pocket that our LEFTY WebGem creates can help you turn an error into an out and look good doing it.

Playing consistently good defense requires a feel for your glove. You can't get a feel for a flat, floppy glove. Protect the shape and condition of your glove whenever its not on your hand so your glove is always consistent.

  • PROTECTS your glove when it’s not being used
  • Keeps shape consistent to give you consistent feel
  • Neobreathe (TM) Moisture Wick Compression Case Fabric draws sweat from the glove
  • Creates and keeps the shape you like in new or broken-in gloves
  • Significantly decreases break in time of new gloves
  • Removable Compression Case handle wrap for name/number embroidery

Thousands of players, including hundreds of Pros, now use our patented products and their glove is never crushed, never flat, and never floppy. Even packed in their bag in the trunk, or under an airplane, or bus. It comes out perfect every time allowing them to develop better feel, and play better defense.


Glove NOT Included

**NOTE: The LEFTY is designed for Left Hand Throwing First Baseman, Right Hand Throwing first baseman should choose the 3G**

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