A New Beginning... February 10 2014

Our company began in 1990 as JMA Sports and at that time t-shirts and jackets were our main business.  As our company grew, we re-branded our company in 2005 as HAWAIIANHARDBALL, but one thing has always remained the same.  Our HAWAIIANHARDBALL mark of producing products that looked sharp helped us grow into the company we are today!

Much more than a t-shirt company, we now feature our own line of uniforms which we can outfit any baseball team or league and we are planning to make in-roads into other sports beginning with softball in 2014!  Our company is also the exclusive dealer for PUKKA Headwear  here in Hawaii and it is the perfect complement for our HH CUSTOM TEAM JERSEYS.

Every product or brand that we carry, also comes with our endorsement because we do not carry any product/line that we do not believe in.  All our products have been tried and tested and we are constantly looking for new innovative products to bring to the Hawaii market.

Mahalo to all our of loyal customers and we look forward to introducing our line to new teams/leagues in 2014!