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Industry leading and our best-selling original Tanner batting tee, Tanner Tee - the Original is excellent for all ages and skill levels.  

Height adjustments are easy to make on this batting tee, which also features the patented hand-rolled flexible rubber top. Great for baseball, softball, professionals, enthusiasts, lesson-givers, and beginners alike. 



This is the Original Tanner tee that set the industry standard with its rugged craftsmanship and hand-rolled Flextop that allows hitters to feel the ball (not the top of the tee) with their baseball bats at contact - developing the muscle memory to refine your mechanics and add power to every swing.

Great for use with baseballs, softballs, or training balls, our solid metal design and easy height adjustments make the Original batting tee perfect for every level of baseball and softball batting practice. The Original is lightweight and is easy to fit in nearly any bat bag.

The Tanner Pro batting tee features a weighted base, skid resistant rubber cover, and travels easily in a bat bag. The Tanner Pro is a premium choice for baseball, softball, professionals, coaches and beginners who want the ultimate in heavy duty construction and a heavier base than the Original batting tee. It's the perfect middle ground between the Original and Tanner Heavy models. 



The Tanner Pro batting tee is ideal for baseball and softball hitters seeking durable, commercial grade training equipment. With a reinforced metal stem, patented hand rolled Flextop, and a weighted base, the Tanner Pro is the perfect training partner for daily hitting practice at every skill level, yet light enough to be easily portable.

The versatile Tanner Pro can be easily customized based on the size of the hitter and for low ball practice by purchasing additional optional stem sizes (Youth, Adult and Short.)

The Tanner Heavy is a tough, professional quality weighted batting tee, perfect for baseball, softball and slow pitch. This heavy-duty tripod batting tee is designed with a ten pound "claw" base that provides extra stability on any hitting surface and is heavy enough to stay upright through the occasional missed hit. 



The Tanner Heavy is a professional, commercial grade version of the Original Tanner tee with a heavy weighted "claw" base that firmly maintains the tee in place, repetition after repetition.

Uniquely designed for hitting on portable rubber home plates commonly found in batting cages and local training facilities, the heavy base outperforms a square, flat base batting tee when it comes to stability.

Paired with the beefed-up Tanner Heavy stem and tightly wound Flextop ball rest, this is a premium batting tee that has become a favorite among professional organizations as well as players and coaches at all levels of play.

The Tanner Heavy can be customized based on the size of the hitter and for low ball practice by purchasing additional optional stem sizes (Adult, Youth and Short).

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