Does your child aspire to play sports at theNEXT LEVEL?  How do you know which camps or services you should spend your hard earned dollars to help them create the best opportunity for their situation?

theNEXT LEVEL PROGRAM by theYARD will give you all the tools and information you will need to start you on the right path to create the opportunities needed to play at theNEXT LEVEL.  Getting to theNEXT LEVEL doesn't happen by accident.  It takes hard work, dedication and having the right game plan to help create opportunities.

We have put together a package that will help you get started on the right path towards your future!  While some opt to hire someone to do the work for them, theNEXT LEVEL PROGRAM is geared for the player who wants to do the work themselves.  Why would we create a program like this?  We've heard many coaches say that they are constantly bombarded by services trying to sell them their clients, but there is much to be said about a player who is willing to do the hard work themselves.  This falls inline with our beliefs and practices so we created theNEXT LEVEL PROGRAM.

  • SportsRecruits Subscription (Individually $299)

In our opinion, SportsRecruits is the best platform to help student-athletes connect with coaches.  We have looked at many platforms and SportsRecruits is the best.  theYARD has partnered with SportsRecruits to help our athletes create the road map to get to their destination...theNEXT LEVEL!

  • 8 Rapsodo Video Sessions (Individually $75)

In today's recruiting world, a lot of information is communicated to coaches by way of video.  Our package includes 8 sessions where we will record video using our Rapsodo (Pitching or Hitting) unit which will provide coaches with quantitative data in addition to the visual component of a player's skills. 
    Resources - Elite Baseball Performance 

    • 4 Smart Coach Velocity Video Sessions (Individually $35)

    Also included in theNEXT LEVEL PROGRAM are 4 Smart Coach video sessions for hitting or pitching.  Similar to the Rapsodo video, the Smart Coach video demonstrates to coaches what type of skill set a player has and can be used to track development in a player.  Most showcases utilize a radar to measure throwing velocity and exit velocity off a tee and these video sessions will allow you to send coaches that information.

      • Headfirst Honor Roll Camp Discount (If Member qualifies)

      We believe that education is the priority when you are looking to play at theNEXT LEVEL and Headfirst Honor Roll Camps is the best!  How do you know you will get the exposure you need when you attend a camp/showcase?  We have been to many camps and the opportunity Headfirst Honor Roll Camps provides to meet and interact with college coaches from high level academic DI-DIII programs is unmatched.  Players who are suited to attend Headfirst may qualify for a discount through theNEXT LEVEL PROGRAM.

        • Informational Seminars

        We will have informational seminars on various topics from how to get started, college financial aid, Headfirst Honor Roll Camps and more!

        • Consultations

        With theNEXT LEVEL Program, a counselor will meet with you and help make sure you are on track and help to create a game plan to get you in front of the right coaches.  

        • Web Meetings

        If you don't want to purchase the entire value package, you can also purchase some services ala carte:

        • SportsRecruits Annual Subscription  $299.99

        • Rapsodo Video Session $75.00

        • Smart Coach Video Session $35.00