$ 279.95

USA bats have never seen this kind of technology before -- the Rawlings Mach AI USA bat is here to change the game.

Using a groundbreaking AI-powered supercomputer, we designed the Mach AI using thousands of different computer simulations before arriving at a completely optimized barrel design. Each quarter-inch of the barrel wall is built to exact specifications meant to perfectly optimize pop, sweet spot size, and swing weight. As a result, you get a bat with perfect feel, an enormous hitting zone, and pop that's capable of dealing damage even on mishits.

In addition, the Red Alloy+ material is ultra-durable and gives the Mach AI an unmistakable sound, and the carbon composite end-cap ensures that you're caputring more mass in the sweet spot without sacrificing any swing speed.

The Mach AI USA bat is your ticket to more consistent power and a better feel all season long. Be an early adopter of this game-changing AI technology and get your Rawlings Mach AI USA bat now!

 **Due to manufacturing tolerances, certification calculations and standards, or added materials such as grip tape or decals, drop is not intended to and should not be relied upon to calculate the actual weight of this bat as sold.

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