The WebGem Glove Care System

Used by hundreds of Professional Baseball Players, the WebGem Glove Care System is the first, and only Patented System to SHAPE, MAINTAIN, and PROTECT your glove. The System works with new, or broken in, gloves and there is a WebGem type for virtually every player, and every position. Whether you like the fingers of your glove Flared, or Rolled, or if you're a first baseman or a catcher, there is WebGem Glove Care System for you.

“The condition of my glove can mean the difference between an ERROR, or an OUT.  

I’m just not willing to take that chance.”

Evan Longoria, Third Base, Tampa Bay Rays

Serious players take every aspect of their game seriously, and know how important their glove is to their performance.  CONSISTENCY is the key to developing a feel for your glove.  Having that feel is critical to playing good defense every day, and you can't do that when your glove is getting crushed in your gear bag after every game, or practice. That's why Pros use the WebGem to care for their glove.

WebGem Glove Care System Features:

  • The first and only complete system for caring for your new, or already broken in, glove.
  • Protects your glove from getting flattened or damaged when not in use.
  • Creates and keeps the shape you desire in new, or existing gloves.
  • Speeds up the break in process of a new glove.
  • Provides consistent shape and feel which, are critically important to great defensive play.
  • The Form, and specially designed heavy Neoprene Case work together to form the web/pocket.
  • WebGem Case also wicks excessive moisture from the glove while maintaining oils in the leather.

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