$ 11.95

 Our Pro Glove Conditioner with a Cotton Candy scent. Who doesn't love the sweet smell of cotton candy at the ball park?


***The following are simply recommendations.  You will most likely need to experiment to find out your favorite way to use the products.

Pro Glove Conditioner Recommendations

  • Always test any conditioning product on a small portion of your glove to see how your glove responds before covering a large area
  • Keep balm in a climate controlled space (balm can melt at high temperatures, if this happens, don’t worry, it will become solid again once placed back in a cool place).
  • To apply, scoop out a small amount of balm at a time, and apply to your glove.  Continue this process until you have covered the area you would like to cover with conditioner. 
  • Allow conditioner to settle into glove for some time, then if there is too much remaining residue, wipe it off with a dry cloth.  
  • Apply as needed for your specific preference.


We take great care in creating all of our products by hand with the best natural ingredients available.  Please be advised that all leathers are different and there is always a chance for leather discoloration or changes in the appearance of leather when adding a conditioner or a cleaner.  Many factors contribute to this including but not limited to age of leather, exposure to sunlight, dryness of leather, sweat, saliva, and pH. 

We aways recommend using any and all new products with a bit of caution by testing a new product on a small portion of your glove to see how it responds. 

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